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Top 3 Risks for Business – Risk #2 Regulatory


OSHA, EPA, FTC, IRS—you can overdose on U.S. government agency acronyms!  The regulations of these agencies were created to protect employees, protect the environment and to establish guidelines for businesses operating in our country.  As challenging as it might be to understand the rules when you start your business, how do you

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Remember Ker-Plunk? Top 3 Risks for Business


Do you remember the game Ker—plunk?  It is a game that required a good eye as well as an effective strategy.  The game consists of a clear plastic tube, 30 sticks and 32 marbles and starts off with the players inserting the sticks through the tube and then pouring the marbles into the top of

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Top 3 Risks for Business–Risk #1 Security


Previously I talked about the three key risks for entrepreneurs—-security, regulatory and operational—and promised a deeper dive on all three.  This week let’s focus on security:  protecting yourself and your business, protecting your employees and protecting your customers.  Starting your business is an exciting challenge with lots of decisions starting with “What do I call

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What’s Holding Back Your Business Growth?


Let’s think back...why did you launch your business?  Did an opportunity present itself that was too good to pass by?  Was there a driving desire to be your own boss or, maybe, you created an incredible product or service that was absolutely needed in the market.   Regardless of the start, congratulations!  You got your

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Top 3 Risks for Business: Risk #3 Operational


Maybe I’m dating myself, but I think the Shell Answer Man is iconic.  In case you grew up in a different era…from the 1960’s through the 90’s, Shell Oil Company sponsored a series of television ads where an authority figure provided answers to questions about driving, vehicle maintenance, auto repairs, etc.  There were also a

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Risk is Like Making Paella in the Garage


Recently, I was in Spain and decided to learn to make sangria and paella--that delicious amalgamation of saffron, seafood and rice. Maria, who offered the class in her home, was exceptional as we chopped and measured. Paella is cooked in a large pan over an open flame. That day was particularly windy and Maria decided

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