Maybe I’m dating myself, but I think the Shell Answer Man is iconic.  In case you grew up in a different era…from the 1960’s through the 90’s, Shell Oil Company sponsored a series of television ads where an authority figure provided answers to questions about driving, vehicle maintenance, auto repairs, etc.  There were also a series of booklets known as Shell Answer Books that accompanied the ad campaign.  The ads always ended in a similar way:  come to Shell for answers.    

Does everyone always seem to come to you for answers?  Do you sometimes wish you could clone yourself?  If yes, that’s a risk to your business that can be minimized.  In order to accomplish your business’ goals and objectives, establish a framework for internal controls starting with written procedures that outline the steps for common tasks.  Procedures should be communicated to employees and readily accessible to them.  Next step, monitor to be certain they are understandable and being followed and, finally, periodically review to maintain relevancy.  

No, you can’t clone yourself but written procedures provide needed guidance for employee success, ensure your expectations are clear and tasks are carried out as you would want them to be.  Take off that Shell Answer Man hat and contact me for an assessment of your control environment!