OSHA, EPA, FTC, IRS—you can overdose on U.S. government agency acronyms!  The regulations of these agencies were created to protect employees, protect the environment and to establish guidelines for businesses operating in our country.  As challenging as it might be to understand the rules when you start your business, how do you keep up with them as your business grows?   Government rules don’t remain static either.  For example, the Internal Revenue Code that governs when and how much your business pays in taxes is almost 8,000 pages long and has more than doubled in length in 30 years.  Our tax system is based on self-assessment so that means you’re expected to understand how these rules impact you and your business.  Is it any wonder that sometimes you don’t get it right?  How unnerving when you get a notice from the IRS saying a change was made to your return and you owe more money or they are starting an audit.  The good thing is the IRS recognizes that mistakes happen and allows you to fix the mistake with no penalties or further notices.  Just like a mulligan—it’s a second chance that’s not counted on the scorecard.  But you only get one so you want to use it wisely! If your business is facing regulatory challenge or you just want to stay abreast of Federal or state law changes that impact your business, reach out to me.  Let me share my comprehensive understanding of the regulatory environment and extensive audit experience to ensure regulatory risk doesn’t derail your business growth.   Intrigued? Have questions? Please reach out and let me bring the business I’m passionate about to you.